Book details

The layout of the book consists of single page photographs with several two-page spreadsCaptions under each photo will inform the reader about the person(s) portrayed, the activities that are performed, or the context in which the photo was taken. 

Among others, the reader will witness a Carib ceremony that marks the end of a mourning period, pay a visit to the Trios and the Akuryos in the village of Pelelu Tepu, and celebrate Christmas with the inhabitants of Kwamalasamutu. The reader will meet indigenous people living and working in Paramaribo or nearby villages, celebrate the inauguration of a new chief with an Arawak dance group, visit the Wayanas of Eastern Suriname, and visit the Trios near the border with Brazil.

The 144 pages of this photo book will include 124 photographs and measures about 30x25cm (11.8×9.8 inches). It will be printed as a softcover and hardcover edition. 

Points of recognition will offer the reader a way to connect with the humanity and dignity of Suriname’s indigenous peoples and their way of life in the 21st Century. 

Download the brochure for more details: